Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Will the real left-winger please stand up?

Friedrich Ebert Stiftung

Capitalism has won the battle between rival systems against ‘real socialism’, but capitalism is not the solution for humanity. Even if conservative philosophers thought they could see the end of history in escalating neo-liberalism. The latter’s globalisation has certainly improved some economic data, reduced poverty in some places and lined the pockets of clever young chaps. But the way in which it organises the relationship between the human species and nature not only destroys the planet, ruins living environments but also deepens the unequal distribution of prosperity and prospects – obscene money-making for a few, hardship and fear of social decline for many, climate change and bee extinction for all.

The forced exploitation of man and nature forms the dominant economic culture. Conflicts about scarce resources and life opportunities escalate into wars and civil wars. Globalisation is striking back in the western world, where the