Alliance Launching Final Assault vs. Deep State

It is very interesting to see the immediate actions of the Alliance right after the highly anticipated Trump-Putin Helsinki Summit, and the wild, preposterous reactions of the Deep State intelligence hierarchy and corporate media.

  • The Russian military announced the successful deployment of the highly advanced weaponry that were mentioned during Putin’s March 1 speech to the Federation;
  • Chinese President Xi advised the local media to not say anything offensive against Trump in spite of the multi-billion tariff imposition plan against Chinese products;
  • Instead, the Chinese government ordered the devaluation of its Yuan currency to make it more competitive against the US dollar, which should diminish the financial power of the Deep State;
  • Western clout in Africa is further diminished by the active implementation of Chinese infrastructure investments in exchange for minerals and oil;
  • Russia and China continue to unload their US treasury bills in exchange for more gold bars;
  • The first batch of displaced White folks from Africa has settled in the Russian Far East courtesy of the free hectares of land accorded by Putin’s government;
  • Rothschild’s involvement in the 1MDB- Prime Minister Najib Razak scandal is exposed;
The Swiss financial regulator has concluded its investigations into the Malaysian 1MDB scandal by finding Rothschild Bank AG and one of its subsidiaries in serious breach of anti-money laundering regulations.